ZUBR represents the industrial research development system for automatization of logical designing of digital systems on PLD. ZUBR is created for increase of quality of digital systems on PLD, rise of speed of digital systems, lowering of their cost (using resources PLD), and also decreases time of design. Methods and the algorithms realized in ZUBR, are oriented to solution of nontraditional tasks or known tasks by nontraditional approaches. It concerns to the design of original function block which the designer have to develop every time in new digital system: combinative circuits, finite state machines, control logic devices, generators of clock signals etc.

ZUBR it is used together with well-known industrial packages. The industrial package design the standard function boxes and execution of main designing stages (data entry, compilation, timing the analysis, simulation etc.), and ZUBR design complicated function boxes.

For link of ZUBR with industrial systems converters are used. They will convert appropriate representation of input data and results of synthesis to the necessary format.

ZUBR is created by research workers and students of two universities: the Byelorussian state university of computer science and a radioelectronics (Minsk, Byelorussia) and Bialystok University of Technology (Bialystok, Poland).


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