Radicals of rings and related topics

2-8 August, 2009
Warsaw, Poland
The workshop is organized at the Stefan Banach International Center in Warsaw
in cooperation with the Institute of Mathematics, University of Warsaw.
The organizer:
prof. Edmund Puczylowski
Institute of Mathematics
University of Warsaw
email address:

Scientific Committee:
B. Gardner (Hobart, Australia)
L. Marki (Budapest, Hungary)
A. Smoktunowicz (Edinburgh, Great Britain)
R. Wiegandt (Budapest, Hungary)

Aims and scope
     The activity of the workshop will concern the following subjects:
  1. Concrete radicals of associative rings. The are many open problems in the area. Let us mention Koethe's nil ideal problem (is every one-sided nil ideal of an arbitrary ring contained in the nil radical of the ring), which was raised in 1930 and is one of the most famous open problems in Ring Theory. Recently some substantial progress related to this problem has been made. It is expected that the results obtained in this area will attract a lot of attention during the meeting. Another particular topic, which can be mentioned, concerns the behaviour of radicals under some ring constructions (e.g., matrix rings, polynomial rings, skew-polynomial rings, power series rings). Problems of that sort are of central importance in many studies in Ring Theory.
  2. General theory of radicals and related structures. Some concrete radicals (prime, nil, locally nilpotent, Jacobson, Brown-McCoy and many other) play important role in studies of rings and algebras. Studies of their common and specific properties initiated General Theory of Radicals. This theory was extended to some related structures, e.g. near-rings, or even to some categories. During the workshop new results obtained in this area will be presented and related question discussed.
  3. Applications of radicals in studies of associative rings and related structures. Radicals are applied in almost all studies of rings and other algebraic structures. It is expected that a meeting of algebraists who apply radicals in their studies with those who develop the theory of radicals will be fruitful and stimulating.



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Dates for the conference
     Sunday, August 2, 2009: Arrival Day
     Monday, August 3, 2009 morning to Friday, August 7 evening: Scientific Program
     Saturday, August 8, 2009: Departure Day

Abstract deadline
     July 20, 2009 (send in LaTex format to:

Conference fee
     No conference fee will be asked.

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